Roll Your Ball and Pick Up Points in “Cyber Swiper”

Cyber Swiper

Cyber Swiper is a new arcade game from the makers of Nyan Cat: Lost in Space and 32 secs. In Cyber Swiper players will need to guide a ball through a variety of tubes while avoiding obstacles and picking as many points and power ups as possible along the way. The game is divided into levels, so players are always rolling towards the finish line rather than towards an endless abyss of obstacles and points.

Cyber Swiper is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description along with an official trailer with more information:

Evade various obstacles, lots of oncoming enemies and deadly devices, while smashing your way through huge glass plates and accelerating to outrun the impossible! Plan your course carefully, but aim for the score orbs, power ups and glasses as they set the optimal route. Last but not least, overtake your friends and enemies on the leaderboards!

Interested? Check out Cyber Swiper on Google Play.

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