Rusty Lake Opens Pre-Registration for Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape: Paradox

Escape game studio Rusty Lake will soon add a 10th entry in their long running Cube Escape series of puzzle games. Beyond just an escape game, the upcoming Cube Escape: Paradox will also have a short film tie-in. Pre-registration for the game is now available on Google Play.

Players of Cube Escape: Paradox will find themselves in the shoes of a detective that is trapped in two dimensions. As with other Rusty Lake games, expect plenty of mildly creepy and unsettling elements as detective Dale Vandermeer tries to escape the room he finds himself trapped in. Paradox’s unique twist will be the interplay between the short film and game as players look for hints about the game in the movie and see references to this and other Rusty Lake games in the film.

The Dutch studio opted to turn to Kickstarter for the funding for the upcoming multimedia project where it managed to raise more than double its initial €15,000 goal.

Rusty Lake is an Amsterdam based two person team that has been working on escape-style puzzle games since 2015’s Cube Escape: The Lake. In the slightly more than three years since the first game’s launch the pair has managed to release 9 different Cube Escape games as well as three games in the Rusty Lake series. While the Cube Escape series has always been free and ad-supported, the Rusty Lake games were premium titles available on mobile platforms and Steam. The series is said to be inspired by Twin Peaks and all of the games take place in a shared universe, though they are definitely standalone experiences.

Cube Escape: Paradox will be free to play and offer a premium chapter with a different set of puzzles. The game is set to be released this Summer and the movie will premiere in Prague on August 11th (tickets are available) before making its way to Youtube.

Interested? Check out the upcoming puzzle game on Google Play.

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