A Closed Beta Test for PVP Match-3 Game “Cosmo Duel” Has Started

Cosmo Duel

Gamevil has been keeping itself busy with the recent release of the dark gacha game Heir of Light and opening up pre-registration for the upcoming Giants War. Now the South Korean publisher has started a closed beta test for their upcoming match-3 game Cosmo Duel.

Developed by Kong Studios, Cosmo Duel is a match-3 game that focuses on head to head PVP matches against friends and players around the world. The game will offer users 8 avatars to choose from to take into battle in the game’s 100+ puzzle levels. A PVE experience is also available.

Kong Studios, best known for the popular puzzle RPG Dungeon Link, has designed Cosmo Duel to be playable with one hand as they match tiles and unleash skills on their opponent.

As with previous Gamevil closed beta tests, players should expect their progressed to be wiped when the tests ends. The beta test is due to run through March 26th, so gamers don’t have long to give the game a try.

Gamevil is best known for games like Punch Hero, Dragon Blaze, and Kritaka: The White Knights. Its most recent release was the hero collection RPG ArcheAge Begins, launched late last year. Prior to that Gamevil released the strategy RPG War of Crown, which was subsequently shut down earlier this year. The publisher has also been active when it comes to holding closed beta tests for their games, including limited tests for Giants War, Heir of Light, and most recently Gardius War.

Cosmo Duel is free and while the final version will contain in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Mix and match to win

  • Use energy to create massive explosions
  • Place items strategically to increase your combos and score
  • Earn stars and unlock new stages, avatars, and items!

Collect the cosmos’ most charismatic avatars

  • Choose between 8 unique avatars and their outfits
  • Unlock special skills unique to each avatar
  • Personalize your chat with different emoji!

Interested? Check out the new match 3 game on Google Play.

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