Cosmic Eggs Is a New Alien Breeding RPG

Cosmic Eggs

Ambition and PAON DP have teamed up to bring a new alien breeding RPG to the West. Cosmic Eggs has players collect, level up, and breed different aliens in order to get stronger and take on the game’s content.

The core of the game is the breeding system. Breeding an alien can lead to an offspring that has better skills, is an evolved form of the parent, or something else entirely. Breeding is done by finding a partner among friends or players around the world.

Outside of alien breeding, there is of course combat. Cosmic Eggs uses auto battle for everything, and players do nothing but sit back and watch. That may be good or bad depending on what type of game you are looking for. There is also a gacha system for drawing new aliens, a food system that lets players increase their alien’s size, speed, or attack speed, and an event mode.

Cosmic Eggs is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

  • Breed your own team of aliens!
  • Find other players from all around the world and breed aliens together to strengthen, evolve and even mutate them!
    Get together with friends and shake your phones for even better breeding results!

  • Take your aliens through generations!
  • Each successful egg hatched will move your alien forward a generation, earning them new skills and traits or improving on their current ones.
    You can also check their family history back two generations to see which players you have interacted with over your galactic journey!

  • Feed your aliens and make them strong!
  • Defeat enemies to earn delicious alien food.
    Give it to your team to make them bigger, faster and stronger!
    Raise your very own intergalactic fighting force!

Interested? Check out the alien breeding RPG on Google Play.

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