Com2uS Releases Q4 Report With Some Game Information


Thanks to their wildly successful flagship title Summoners War, developer & publisher Com2uS has become one of the biggest names in mobile gaming. Now Com2uS has released its Q4 financial statements and other related documents. The focus may be company’s financial performance with nearly $470 million in sales in 2017 and just over $180 million in operating profits for the year. The statements also help clarify some of the company’s plans moving forward.

Plans for 2018

The gacha strategy RPG Chain Strike now is now expected to launch in March of 2018. The game previously wrapped up a closed beta test last year, and recently opened up pre-registration on Google Play. In Chain Strike players take a team of heroes and take on monsters and other heroes on a chess-like game board. Hero positioning and movement plays a key role in how effective they are in combat thanks to pincer attacks and a variety of attack ranges and patterns. These heroes can be collected using the game’s gacha system and there are a variety of methods to power them up before heading into battle.

Originally announced nearly a year ago, the collaboration between Activision and Com2uS is set to come to fruition later this year. Based on Activision’s popular toy, game and television franchise, Com2uS’ Skylanders mobile will be a turn-based RPG developed by Com2uS. It was originally slated for a late 2017 release.

Com2uS will also be bringing casual sandbox dancing game Danceville, the arcade golf game Birdie Crush, and turn-based RPG Heroes War 2 to the world.

The company has also renewed its commitment to its flagship game, Summoners War. A mainstay on the top grossing charts, Summoners War will continue to receive content updates, a comic book series, a set of Funko figures, and other merchandise.

The big takeaways for gamers should be that Chain Strike is coming in March, a Skylanders RPG is coming later this year, an interesting arcade golf game is in the works, and Summoners War will continue to be supported.

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