Retro Platformer “Colorblind – An Eye For An Eye” Now on Android

Colorblind - An Eye For An Eye

Mobile indie developer and publisher Nitrome, fresh off of the release of the mini golf game Nano Golf, has launched a new platformer on Android. Colorblind – An Eye For An Eye puts players in the role of an eye that is looking for it’s kidnapped partner.

Colorblind is a love story about Right Eye who has realized just how much he needs Left Eye after she’s kidnapped by a pirate. With his world drained of color, Right Eye goes after the pirate to try and get back his beloved. In practice that means going from level to level avoiding enemies, traps, and solving platforming and color related puzzles.

Beyond basic platforming using the game’s virtual left, right and jump buttons, players will need to master the game’s color mechanics. After passing over a paintbrush of a certain color they will once again be able to see and interact with parts of the world that are of that color. That means if red is active, Right Eye can jump on red blocks but also be damaged by red spikes. A quick shower from a waterfall or cloud will wash away any traces of color and bring the world back to greyscale.

Colorblind – An Eye For An Eye is free and contains ads that can be removed via in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • A platformer like you’ve never seen before
  • Go sight-seeing through 3 unique worlds
  • Use paint to patch the full spectrum of colors in the world
  • Use blue eye, red eye and of-course…pink eye
  • Collect all the coins to unlock “Awesume Glasses”
  • Don’t get cross eyed staring at puzzles 
  • Rescue Left Eye and bring color back into the world
  • Lots of eye based puns….seriously could this get any ‘cornea’?
  • Interested? Check out the platformer on Google Play.

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