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Codemasters is bringing GRID Autosport to Android

Codemasters has released the first trailer for the upcoming mobile version of GRID Autosport. The mobile racing game will be coming to Android & iOS, neither the game’s publisher Codemasters or developer Feral Interactive have announced a launch date. Feral Interactive have said that this will be a premium game, and that all of the content would be unlocked without in app purchases. They have not announced a price. The mobile version was originally announced in March, but only mentioned that it would be coming to iOS at the time. UPDATE:GRID Autosport will be released on Android at some point in the first half of 2018. Here’s the trailer:

GRID Autosport is the third game in the GRID franchise and was originally released on PC and home consoles in 2014. Autosport was not as well received as its predecessors, but it still has a 75% positive user review rating on Steam. Like other games in the franchise, it had a strong focus on a professional racing career mode. Neither Codemasters or Feral Interactive have stated whether the mobile version will feature the same career mode, or multiplayer options as the PC/Console version. Given how they have said that this will be the full GRID Autosport experience, and that there will be a large number of game modes, one would assume that a career mode is going to be there.

Some of the features Codemasters & Feral Interactive have promised:

  • Controller Support
  • 80+ cars
  • 100+ circuits
  • Demolition Derby
  • Drag Racing
  • Cockpit view

Fore more information, check out the Codemasters blog.

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