GungHo’s New Card Game CHRONO MA:GIA Has Launched

Chrono Ma:gia

GungHo Online Entertainment, the company behind the extremely successful gacha game Puzzle & Dragons, has released their new card game. Chrono Ma:gia mixes together characters, skills, and 20 card decks to give players a variety of options when deciding how they want to approach each card battle.

Players are able to pick a character that has their own unique abilities, three skills that have their different requirements and effects, and a deck filled with a selection of cards. The game is banking on the idea that the combination of those three components will give the game its depth.

As far as game modes, the new card game features both single player and several multiplayer modes. Players looking to test their skills against AI controlled opponents can play the game’s single player story mode or engage in practice battles with the AI. Those looking to play other players can play against random opponents in the Free Match mode, friends in the Friend Match mode, or compete in the Ranked Match mode.

As part of the game’s launch celebration, players will receive 50G (Magia Gold) per day until the end of April. Magia Gold can be used to acquire new cards.

Chrono Ma:gia has been developed by Daisuke Yamamoto and the team behind Puzzle & Dragons, and it’s the company’s first major mobile release outside of Japan since P&D’s 2012 launch.

Chrono Ma:gia is free and contains in app purchases. At this time the game is only available in North America, Australia and Japan. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

**Game Features**

  • CHRONO MA:GIA: an authentic competitive card game that balances approachability with deep strategy!
  • Diverse characters, a wide selection of skills, and freedom in card selection ensure endless strategic possibilities!
  • Don’t let your guard down! Sudden reversals of fortune lead to intense card battles!
  • Compete against players from around the world in online matches!
  • Vertical interface specially designed for ease of use on smartphones!


Interested? Check out the collectible card game on Google Play.

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