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“Cheer Up, Human!” Is a Cute Cat Game

Cats rule the internet, so it’s only natural for them to make frequent appearances on Google Play. Cat Quest gave Android users a solid cat themed RPG experience, and now Cheer Up, Human! offers a sickeningly sweet hidden object game. Players take the role of a student who is diagnosed with “the kitty cat sickness” which results from everyone but him owning a cat. The cure? Finding cats that can cure him.

Cheer Up, Human!’s gameplay is quite simple. As previously mentioned, this mobile cat game is a hidden object game. Players are given a clue, either a picture or silhouette of a cat, and have to find that cat in a crowd of other cats within the designated time limit. Once found, each cat will join you in your home, where you can tap on it to play a cute short animation.

Cheer Up, Human

Cheer Up, Human! is free and contains ads. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description with more information:

● 57 days left till the exam! Cheer up, human!!

● To pass the exam, find more good-luck kitties-!!

● Here come your cute and unique kitties~

● Would it be possible for him to pass the exam?!

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