Arcade Game is Ketchapp’s Newest Mobile Title

Prolific bite sized game publisher Ketchapp has released a new .io style mobile arcade game. has players charge their way in a direction of their choice as they try to collect dots, grow their avatar and avoid running into bigger enemies.

Playable offline, the game pits players against the game’s AI controlled bots as they tap and hold on their avatar to charge in a given direction. If they’re lucky, that direction holds plenty of dots to absorb. If they’re unlucky, they’ll charge right into a bigger opponent, ending their game. Players have the ability to set their charge speed if they want to be more cautious, but what’s the fun in that?

Though no longer as popular as they once were, io style games still have an audience because they offer players quick action packed gameplay that users can easily jump in and out of. These games range the gamut from simple games like to more robust games like the recently released is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description with more information:

Feed your way to growth and prosperity and try to survive in this harsh and grimm emoji-eats-emoji world.

  • Complete 100 Challenges
  • Compete globally and beat highscores
  • Unlock over 40 funny characters

Interested? Check out the new io game on Google Play.

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