Strategy RPG Chaos Reborn: Adventures Coming to Android and iOS

Chaos Reborn: Adventures

Snapshot Games, the game studio founded by X-Com creator Julian Gallop, is bringing strategy RPG Chaos Reborn to Android and iOS as Chaos Reborn: Adventures.

Adventures will be a turn-based strategy RPG that gives players the option to play through its narrative driven single player campaign or compete against others in a competitive multiplayer mode.

Regardless of how players choose to play the game, the core remains tactical turn-based combat played out on a hexagonal grid.

Chaors Reborn: Adventures looks to offer mobile gamers a chance to play a premium strategy-RPG, complete with hundreds of different pieces of gear, a story with wizard related intrigue, and a variety of enemies to take on. Players will find themselves needing to deal with many different fantasy inspired creatures including goblins, skeletons, and manticores.

Chaos Reborn first made a splash as a Kickstarter project started by Gollop, in early 2014. After being successfully funded, the project launched on Steam in late 2015 where it currently has 75% positive user reviews.

The mobile Chaos Reborn: Adventures is scheduled to launch on September 12, 2018 on iOS, but Android gamers will have to wait a little longer as the Android version does not currently have a scheduled release date.

The upcoming mobile strategy RPG is being published by Big Blue Bubble, an Ontario based company best known for the My Singing Monsters franchise. Outside of its flagship franchise, the Canadian publisher also has games like Burn the Rope, Home Arcade, and Pixel Dodgers as part of its catalog. Along with its successful titles, Big Blue Bubble has also launched a number of games that have not generated many downloads through Google Play, including the likes of Wrecking Squad and Dark Incursion.

The iOS version of Chaos Reborn: Adventures will be $9.99 and is now available for pre-order. There are plans for an Android version of the game but no further details are available.

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