Chain Strike Tips For Summoning, Powering Up Heroes, and More

Chain Strike

Summons in Chain Strike

If you look in the summon menu you will notice that there is no option for any sort of multi-summon using moonstones (premium currency). Before you go ahead and spend your precious premium currency on summons at 75 moonstones each, head over to the game’s shop. In the shop there is a bundle that includes 11 Books of Mystical Dimension (used for 3-5 star summoning), 5 high experience potions, and 100,000 gold for 750 moonstones. That is Chain Strike’s equivalent of the multi-summon feature that is available in most gacha games.

Obtaining Summoning Books

Beyond events, one time rewards, and login bonuses, Chain Strike gives players a variety of ways to summon 3-5 star units without using the game’s IAPs. Considering the odds of obtaining a natural 5 star hero from a premium summon are 1 in 125, players need all of the chances they can get. Here are some of the ways players can get a Book of Mystical Dimension (3-5 star premium summon books):

  • 1 free premium summon per day
  • Summoning books sometimes appear in the magic shop, so check it often. 3-5 star books are sold for 120,000 gold.
  • Summoning books, even 3-5 star books sometimes drop after completing stages, though this is extremely rare
  • The runes obtained in the Forgotten Tower can be used to buy 3 books per week, or more if you have enough runes for movement specific books
  • Ranking in the top 100 in the Promotion Battle at the end of each season rewards players with premium summons
  • Purchasing 11 books for 750 moonstones in the game’s shop

Duplicate Heroes

If you manage to summon two copies of the same hero you should consider yourself lucky. Duplicate heroes have two uses: powering up their doppelganger while increasing their skill level and transcendence. Transcendence raises a hero’s level cap by 5 and requires and unlocks a relic slot, it also requires that the main guardian be level 40 and +5 while the sacrificed guardian is also 6 stars.

Please note that if you have two versions of the same hero that have different movement options (for example knight and bishop), they can still be used for both transcendence and skilling up a hero. But before doing that you should be aware that different movements also mean different skills. Obtaining multiple movement version of the same hero also grants each one a small stat bonus. This bonus persists even if one of those heroes is sold or used as a power up.

Secret Rooms in The Forgotten Tower

Trying to figure out how to unlock a secret room in Chain Strike’s Forgotten Tower? It might be easier than you think. To find out what you need to unlock a particular room, you should navigate over to the Forgotten Tower, select strategy in the left corner, and then select the hidden room you want to unlock. The game will give you information about the requirements for unlocking that room. These requirements change each season, and include things like finishing a certain floor without a hero falling below 50% health or finishing without duplicate movement types in your party.

An assortment of other Chain Strike tips

  • When farming adventure mode, each of the 9 stages on any given map have different rewards. Stage 1 gives out exp potions, stage 5 gives out gold, and stage 9 gives multiple random rewards. The other stages reward players with equipment for a particular slot.
  • If a stage mission bars the use of duplicate movement heroes (e.g. you cannot use 2 king types) you can do the stage by using fewer heroes than usual. For example instead of using your regular team of 2 kings, 2 bishops, and a knight, you can just take one king, one bishop and the knight into the match.
  • You can delete friends or reject invites by tapping on the garbage can icon in the bottom right hand corner of the community page.
  • When it comes to equipment, try to look for items that boost your stats by a percentage rather than a set amount. Once your heroes are powered up those percentages add a lot more than flat amounts.
  • There is a daily limit on the number of friend invitations you can accept, so start building out an active friend list early.
  • Chain Strike guilds don’t do much right now, but they have a daily check-in that rewards active guilds with bonus shoes (stamina) and gold. You can apply to join a guild by going to the menu -> community -> guild.
  • You get friend points whenever one of your friends uses your hero in combat, so don’t forget to set your strongest hero as your main by going to the guardians page, selecting the hero, and tapping on the gear on the right side of the screen and make sure “Rep Guardian” is checked.
  • Don’t forget, Chain Strike’s AI is really bad in auto battles. Just because you failed a stage on auto doesn’t mean you will fail if you play manually.