Chain Strike Is a New SRPG from Company Behind Summoners War

Chain Strike
Please note that while the game is now available on Google Play, servers for Chain Strike are not yet up. After several delays, the game’s servers are now scheduled to open at 3:00 PM PST. Update: Chain Strike servers are now up.

Com2uS’ new strategy RPG Chain Strike has arrived on Android after pre-registration and social sharing campaigns. The game offers players a fresh strategic combat system to master along with a lot of the usual gacha game features.

Chain Strike is a turn based RPG where players need to think ahead in order to plan their next move and unleash deadly pincer strikes. The game takes place on a chess like game board that is populated by the user’s team of heroes and whoever stands in their way. Each hero has a specific attack reach, with some only doing long range damage, some only attacking diagonally, etc. and players need to consider their team and their opposition’s movements in order to line up their attacks while avoiding damage from their enemies. Players that take positioning can use pincer attacks, where multiple heroes attack at once and deal plenty of damage.

Outside of the game’s unique combat system players will have a story told through visual novel-like cut scenes, a PVP arena, and of course the ability to collect and power up heroes. This is a gacha game after all.

Chain Strike is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Collect 200 powerful Guardians

  • Create the ultimate team of guardians, each with unique skills.
  • Strategize your team by choosing from different types of guardians – Attack/ Defense/ HP/ Support
  • Power up, evolve, awaken, and transcend to unlock your guardian’s potential.

Face off against giant bosses and challenging enemies

  • Use Chain Strike to unleash special attacks. Each Guardian has a unique, animated power!
  • Place your Guardians strategically to use their combined power in a Pincer attack!

Explore 6 exciting battle modes!

  • Check out the Adventure Mode, where you can experience the game’s story.
  • Explore Dungeons to acquire equipment and upgrade your Guardians.
  • Enter PvP and battle against users from all around the world!

Interested? Check out the new gacha game on Google Play.

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