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The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist Code Preview: A Good Mobile SRPG

The Alchemist Code is a new strategy RPG that is currently in its soft launch phase. This gacha SRPG features quality visual-novel style storytelling.
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Phantomgate Preview: Gacha RPG With Platforming

Phantomgate is an a turn-based RPG that has platforming levels alongside gacha character collection monetization.
Over Space

Over Space Preview: The Pitfalls of Mobile Gaming

Over Space - Galactic Phantasy 2 is a new sci-fi RPG that might have been interesting were it not for its "pay to win" elements.
Dragon Project

Dragon Project Preview: Hunt Some Monsters

Dragon Project will attempt to bring some of the magic of the Monster Hunter franchise to Android this October. It might succeed.
Orbital 1

Orbital 1 Preview: Another Clash Royale-like Misfire

Orbital 1 is the latest attempt at creating a Clash Royale-like game. The result is a game that's devoid of strategy and fun.

Durango: Wild Lands Preview: Into the land of the lost

Durango is available in a number of countries around the world. Find out what this dinosaur populated world has to offer before you step through the warp hole.
Trivia Crack Heroes Preview

Trivia Crack Heroes Preview: Clash Royale with Trivia

Trivia Crack Heroes is Etermax's attempt to combine their hugely popular game Trivia Crack with Supercell's Clash Royale.
Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower Preview: A great vertical platformer

Once Upon a Tower might be one of the best Android platformers out there, even while in early-access. Pick from one of the 20 unlockable characters and delve into the depths of this tower.

Tom Clancy’s Shadowbreak Preview

One of Ubisoft's newest games, Shadowbreak can best be described as Clash Royale with snipers. That might be enough for some to give it a try, for everyone else, check out this preview.

Tactical Monsters Preview

Is Tactical Monsters the mobile game that hardcore Strategy RPG fans have been waiting for? no, not really. It lacks the depth expected of the genre, but it does have some other things to offer.


Knights Chronicle

A Lot of Gamers Hate the New Knights Chronicle Update

The latest Knights Chronicle update has angered many fans of the gacha RPG, with some leaving the game over the changes. As anticipated, the...


Through the Ages - a game with asynchronous multiplayer

10 of the Best Android Asynchronous Multiplayer Games

Sometimes you want to enjoy a game with friends that don’t share the same schedule as you, or you simply want to take turns playing a game without worrying about being online at the same time. That is where asynchronous multiplayer games come in.