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Grandchase Is a Surprisingly Great Hero Collection RPG

Gacha games, sometimes referred to as hero collection games, are among the most popular and highest revenue generating games on Android. They regularly comprise...
MapleStory M

MapleStory M Is Not the Mobile MMORPG Gamers Are Looking For

Nexon's MapleStory M looks like the classic PC MMORPG, plays a little like the classic MMORPG, but it's an experience that has been tarnished in its transition to mobile devices.
Food Fantasy gameplay

Food Fantasy Is an Intriguing Combination of a Restaurant Sim and Gacha Game

Food Fantasy has arrived, and it offers players a chance to collect and power up anthropomorphised representations of different types of food before going into battle and managing a restaurant.

Puzzle Game FRACTER Is One of the Best Atomspheric Games on Android

4L Games' FRACTER blends together puzzle, horror, and adventure game elements into a fantastic isometric gameplay experience.
Boxing Star

Boxing Star Is a Lot of Fun But Has A Few Issues

4:33's Boxing Star has a great soundtrack, solid controls and viscerally satisfying action but it gets weighed down by aggressive monetization and difficulty spikes.


Devil Crasher

Open Beta For RPG Devil Crasher is Now Available

4:33 Creative Lab has launched a beta test for its new RPG ‘Devil Crasher’ in select regions. Gamers have until the end of the...


5 of the Best Gacha Games

5 of the Best Gacha Games on Android

Gacha games are a huge part of mobile gaming, but many lack any real gameplay. This is a list of 5 of the best gacha games on Android today, including both hero collection games and other gachas.