“Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers” Now on Android

Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers

Following the releases of Smash Up, and Ticket to Ride: First Journey, Asmodee Digital, the prolific developer and publisher of digital board game adaptations, has teamed up with Klaus & Benjamin Teuber, the authors of the board game Catan to create Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers. In an unusual move for Asmodee Digital, Catan Stories is a single player text adventure.

Players take the role of a raven who is the guardian of the island of Catan. The raven will need to guide three heroes on their journeys through the island. Players will need to make decisions, which will play a role in the events that follow. Unlike some games like the Lifeline series and the recently released Bury me, my Love, Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers goes beyond a text messaging interface as far as gameplay goes. Players will examine the raven’s visions, and guide the three heroes using a map of the island.

Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers is $1.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and an official trailer with more information:

Single-player text adventure with three different characters
• 360° environment with immersive graphics and sound
• A storyline based on the new scripted Catan expansion, “Legend of the Sea Robbers.” Catan is one of the most popular board games of recent years.
• Extra features to unlock using your Asmodee account • Developed in collaboration with Klaus and Benjamin Teuber, the creators of Catan
• Several different font sizes available
• Available in English, French and German

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