Here’s The First Look At The Upcoming Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire

Cat Quest II

Released last year, Cat Quest became a hit among both gamers and critics thanks to its combination of charming graphics, cats, action RPG mechanics, cats, large open world, and cats. The game currently holds a 4.8 star rating on Google Play, alongside 96% positive user reviews on Steam. and In May, Singapore based developer The Gentlebros announced that they are working on a sequel to their feline themed RPG and now the studio the studio has released the first trailer for the upcoming Cat Quest sequel. Here it is:

Titled Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire, the sequel looks a lot like the original but with an added cats versus dogs theme. Like the original game, the trailer for Cat Quest II has a mixture of a sprawling open world and more confined dungeons filled with traps, monster, and treasure. The biggest change users will notice is co-op play, as players team up with a friend to take on their enemies as they navigate a world at war. There are even plans to reward players who can work together by having synchronized attacks deal more damage.

While things are always subject to change, co-op will be local and will be available on mobile. Those that want to play the game with a friend on their smartphone and tablet will need to do so using compatible controllers.

The original Cat Quest is an open world action RPG with stylized 2D graphics and a lot of cat related jokes. The game puts players in the role of a cat as he sets off to go on an adventure to rescue his catnapped sister from the evil Drakoth. Though not particularly long for those just looking to finish the game, the game offers players 60+ quests to complete, and numerous dungeons to explore as they look for their sister.

Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire is scheduled to launch in early 2019 on Android, iOS, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.