Cat Quest 2 Coming to Android (and other platforms)

Cat Quest 2 announced
A look at the original Cat Quest's open world gameplay

The Gentlebros, the indie developer studio behind Cat Quest and Slashy Hero, has announced that their feline focused RPG is getting a sequel. Cat Quest 2 is in the works for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC via Steam. The Gentlebros announced this in a tweet which initially left out Android and iOS but the mobile platforms were mentioned in a follow-up post.

Cat Quest was released in 2017 on the same platforms, with the PC & iOS versions coming out first followed by an Android release a month later and PS4 & Switch versions a couple of months after that. The game was well received by fans and currently holds 96% positive ratings on Steam and a 4.8 star rating on Google Play.

Cat Quest is an open world action RPG with stylized 2D graphics and a lot of cat related jokes. The game puts players in the shoes* of a cat as he sets off to go on an adventure to rescue his catnapped sister from the evil Drakoth. Though not particularly long, the game offers players 60+ quests to complete, and numerous dungeons to explore as they look for their sister.
*Figuratively speaking. The game’s main character does not wear pants or shoes.

Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire is coming but it does not have a scheduled release date at this time so fans of the original may have to wait a little while longer for more cat adventures.

Here’s a look at the original Cat Quest (available on Google Play for $4.99 without any in app purchases):

Interested? Check out the RPG on Google Play.

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