Head-to-Head Strategy Game Castle Creeps Battle Goes Global

Castle Creeps Battle

Alien Creeps TD and Battle Creeps TD developer Outplay Entertainment’s new Creeps game has launched worldwide. Castle Creeps Battle is a deck building head-to-head strategy game filled with fantasy characters.

As one might guess by the description, the new Battle Creeps game is a Clash Royale-like experience. Players collect and power up their hero and spell cards, build a deck that suits their playstyle and head into PVP battles. The goal of each battle is to destroy your opponent’s base or, failing that, some of their defensive structures. As with similar games, users play cards using a constantly refilling energy pool and using that energy pool efficiently becomes a key part of the game.

Like other similar titles, hero and spell cards can be upgraded by collecting duplicates leaving lots of opportunities for deck strength to matter as much as strategy. The game promises players 36+ cards to collect and upgrade, clans, and of course leagues and leaderboards.

Castle Creeps Battle was previously available in select countries as part of the game’s soft launch. The game’s soft launch phase helped it accumulate more than 500,000 downloads through Google Play.

The head-to-head strategy / Clash Royale-like category has seen numerous entries in the past year, including the likes of South Park: Phone Destroyer, Mini Guns, and Battle Boom. Upcoming games Castle Burn and Command & Conquer: Rivals also fall into the same category. Though some of these games put their own twist on the formula, such as a more story driven experience or the ability to construct buildings, none of have been able to replicate the success of Supercell’s hit game. At this time Clash Royale is the only game of its kind to rank in the top 250 grossing games in the United States, Phone Destroyer is #253.

Castle Creeps Battle is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a look at the newly released game:

Interested? Check out the new strategy game on Google Play.

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