Head-To-Head Strategy Game Castle Burn Now Available Worldwide

Castle Burn

Mini Golf King and World Soccer King publisher Bluehole has released a new head-to-head strategy game that looks to add a different twist to the genre. Castle Burn incorporates a building component to the unit summoning and team building elements that the genre is known for.

Like most mobile head-to-head strategy games, Castle Burn has players summon units using a constantly refilling pool of energy as they try to take down their opponent’s headquarters.

Where the game deviates from the established formula is in allowing players to build structures that help extend their field of vision, attack oncoming opponents, or generate more energy that can be used to summon units.

Similar features are a part of Electronic Art’s Command & Conquer: Rivals, where summoning harvesters helps generate the necessary materials to build new units. Castle Burn takes things a step further by giving players a chance to build multiple buildings and to set them up wherever they wish within their territory. The exception is buildings that generate energy, which have to be built on top of existing energy deposits.

The move attempts to add an extra layer of strategy to what is otherwise a game that sticks to an established formula. The core of the game is still building a deck of complementary fantasy characters and developing a summoning strategy to take down your opponent. Also unchanged from the standard formula is the fact that the game plays out on a small map designed for quick matches. There are a few extra wrinkles, like the ability to have more powerful units later on in each battle by leveling up one’s castle, but it is all built around the same core concept as games like Clash Royale.

As with a number of previous Bluehole titles, Castle Burn was previously available in select markets as part of the game’s soft launch.

Castle Burn is free and contains in app purchases. It’s available on Google Play.

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