Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team Now Available On Android

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Anime fans have had a few recent games to test with the release of Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage and Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy, and now another anime / manga based Andorid game has made its way to the West. After an unusual pre-registration campaign KLab Inc. has released their football (soccer) game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. To celebrate the game’s launch KLab is running a number of in game events that reward players with a variety of in game goodies including premium currency.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team lets players collect characters from the long running series and create their own dream team. That team will then go up against the AI or other players in online matches. Those looking for an action game might be disappointed, as users have users have limited control over how matches play out once they have fielded their team. The main action that gamers will be able to take during matches is making decisions on actions for their players in certain situations during play.

Captain Tsubasa began as a series in the manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in 1981. Since then it has seen numerous sequels, anime series and movie adaptions, and games. The series has never quite caught on outside of Japan as some other popular manga, and many of the games have not been released in the West.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a trailer with more information:

Interested? Check out the Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team on Google Play.

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