Captain Tom Galactic Traveler is a Mario Galaxy Inspired Platformer

Captain Tom Galactic Traveler

While exploring a nearby planet, Captain Tom’s cat (and the small rock he was hanging out on) was sucked into a black hole. Terrible, but it happens more often than you would think. So now Tom has to explore the galaxy in order to save his cat. That’s the set up for Captain Tom Galactic Traveler, a game that clearly takes a fair bit of inspiration from Mario Galaxy. Players are equiped with an oxygen tank and a jetpack as they to through numerous small planets unlocking stars, collecting oxygen, and defeating enemies. The game gives users control over left-right movement, a jump button that doubles as a jetpack button, and an attack button that shoots an air bubble that traps enemies. This is a simple game that’s playable offline and only takes up about 52mb of storage space.

Captain Tom Galactic Traveler is free and contains ads. Here is a gameplay video that should give gamers an idea of what to expect from the game:

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