Capcom’s Puzzle Fighter Shutting Down Later This Year

Puzzle Fighter

Developed by Capcom Vancouver, the studio behind the Dead Rising franchise, Puzzle Fighter was seen as a rebirth of the classic Super Puzzle Fighter II: Turbo. Puzzle Fighter brought together characters from Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Mega Man, and other Capcom franchises into a puzzle game with a fighting theme. Despite featuring some iconic video game characters, Puzzle Fighter does not appear to have found a large enough audience. The game is scheduled to be removed from Google Play and the App Store on July 1st, and servers are set to go down on July 31st.

As part of the game’s shut down, Capcom is giving users 10,000 gems (the game’s premium currency), and are releasing a number of upcoming stages and characters. Gamers can now try out Dino Crisis’ Regina and Mega Man’s Dr. Wiley, while Resident Evil’s Ada Wong and three new stages are due to be released on Monday April 23rd. The 23rd is also the day that in app purchases for the game will be disabled.

Prior to the game’s November release Android Sloth released a preview of the game and the game failed to impress. While it offered a number of iconic characters, it lacked substance and the visuals were underwhelming. Like many games, it also ran into the problem of being a primarily PVP game that let players power up using microtransactions.

This is a further reminder that online free to play games do not last forever and they should be viewed as experiences and not investments. Online free to play tittles are always subject to be shut down and removed. This has been quite evident this year with the recent or pending shut downs of Gamevil’s War of Crown, Square Enix’s King’s Knight, Bandai Namco’s Tales of Links and Tales of the Rays, and Com2uS’ Majestia.

Interested? Check out the game on Google Play while it’s still available.