Build A Craft Beer Empire in Brew Town

Brew Town

In a time where gamers looking for a simulation experience can find just about anything they’re looking for, there is rarely a shortage of new games that have players build towns, run businesses, or what have you. Now Android and iOS gamers can create their dream craft bear in Brew Town.

For the most part Brew Town is a standard casual game experience. There are lots of buildings to upgrade, resources to gather, and even research points to spend. What sets it apart from the rest, aside from the craft beer theme, is the ability to customize your brewery’s product.

The game features a robust label and bottle customization options that lets players decide what their beer will look like. This gives players the chance to make decisions that range from deciding that the cap on their beer will be blue to painstakingly creating a jungle themed label. Once finished players can then share their creations with friends.

Brew Town is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Simple, accessible gameplay built around the world of craft beer
  • Powerful label editor to unleash your inner artist
  • Expand your range with new bottles and cans
  • Featuring Hop or Not – the talent show for beer!
  • Gallons of upgrades
  • Brew-tiful 3D graphics
  • Your very own bar to sell beer when offline
  • Challenging “Upgrade Hops” mechanic

Interested? Check out the craft beer game on Google Play.

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