Players Can Sign Up For A Beta Test of Brave Frontier The Last Summoner

Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner

Players can now sign up for an English beta test of Gumi’s Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner. The closed beta is set to run from July 17th to August 3rd, and comes with a non-disclosure agreement.

Set a thousand years after the events of Brave Frontier, the game will tell the story of Brook, a young crystal harvester that will go on a quest that will delve into the tales of the last summoner. From a gameplay standpoint, the new Brave Frontier title will feature an army mechanic that will have a large number of characters fighting in each battle. The Last Summoner should not be confused with Brave Frontier 2, which is currently available in Japan. The Last Summoner is a standalone game that expands the original game’s universe. It features a different battle interface from first game but still puts an emphasis on hero collection and RPG mechanics.

Data from the beta test will be wiped after its conclusion and in app purchases will not be available during the test. 5 players that complete the game’s Beta Opinion Survey will be awarded Amazon gift vouchers ranging from 25 to 200 Euros (or local equivalent) in value. Every player that completes the survey will receive a voucher for a pack of orbs that can be redeemed when the game officially launches.

More details on the upcoming beta test can be found on the game’s official Facebook page. Players can sign up via Google Forms.

Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner will be free to play and contain in app purchases. The game is expected to launch this summer but does not have an official release date at this time. Here’s a trailer with a look at the upcoming game: