Final Fantasy Brave Exvius x Final Fantasy VIII Event Has Arrived

Brave Exvius x Final Fantasy VIII

No stranger to crossovers, Square Enix’s popular hero collection RPG Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) is holding a Brave Exvius x Final Fantasy VIII crossover event. The new crossover will let players collect new heroes and participate in a limited time event.

The FFBE x Final Fantasy VIII crossover event will allow players to summon Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly, Zell Dincht, and Ramira. Though Ramira is part of the event, she is a FFBE character and has no connection to Final Fantasy VIII.

Players will also be able to participate in the limited time SeeD Field Exam event, taking on the Final Fantasy VIII event dungeon and collecting triple triad cards. These cards can be exchanged for summoning tickets, equipment, and other items.

The crossover event is set to run until August 17, 2018.

Along with the in-game events, Square Enix is holding a social sharing event that promises gamers some in-game prizes as well as a chance to win the game’s soundtrack and a real Final Fantasy VIII key wallet. Players will be rewarded based on the total number of social interactions during the event:

  • 500 interactions: NRG Restore x10
  • 750 interactions: 5% (all) Trust Moogle
  • 1000 interactions: EX Rare Summon Ticket

For more details on the event, check out the game’s official Facebook page.

This is the latest of many limited time FFBE crossover events. Past events included characters from Tomb Raider, NeiR: Automata Just Cause 3, Dragon Quest, and other Final Fantasy games. One event even added popstar Ariana Grande as one of the game’s collectible characters, earning the game some mainstream media coverage thanks to the singer’s appearance.

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