Boxing Star Global Launch Coming Next Month Pre-Registration Open

Boxing Star

FourThirtyThree has opened up pre-registration for the global launch of its upcoming boxing game Boxing Star, a game that offers gamers a chance to step into the ring with their customizable character.

Playing out a little like Nintendo’s classic Punch-Out!!, Boxing Star is all about watching your opponent’s movement and dodging at the right moment before countering with your own swing. Punches are done using simple touchscreen gestures that let players execute jabs, straights, hooks, and uppercuts with either hand depending on which side of the screen the gesture is done on. Blocking, dodging, and special attacks are handled with on screen buttons.

Boxing Star has two core modes, a story mode that pits players against a variety of different boxers in some unique locals, and a league mode. The league has players take on other player created characters in online bouts, but these bouts are fought against AI controlled opponents. Boxing Star does not have any real-time multiplayer modes.

Players will have a choice between multiple body types which go from heavy and slow fighters to skinny speedsters. Each of these characters can be further customized with their own set of gear, clothing and other decorations. Customization is not incredibly extensive at this time, with only a few pieces of gear per available slot, but it does help keep players from taking on seemingly the same fighter every time.

What many gamers will likely object to is that Boxing Star leans heavily towards being pay to win. While it, like 4:33’s Battle of Arrow, has a loot crate system for getting better equipment (gloves and protective gear), it also has skill slots that can be unlocked with premium currency and premium currency gives players an option to get in fight boosts or even to instantly stand up after being knocked down.

Players that pre-register will be eligible to receive 200 gold (premium currency), 1000 coins (basic currency), and some tattoos.

Boxing Star is already available in Canada, Australia, and Southeast Asia as part of the game’s soft launch. It has been available in parts of SEA for months, giving the game’s developers a chance to make tweaks to the game and add new content.

Boxing Star has a scheduled global release date of July 12th, 2018. It will be free and contain in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the upcoming boxing game on Google Play.

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