Cart Racer “Blocky Racing” Now Available on Android

Blocky Racing

Nexx Studio has released their new arcade style cart racer on Android and iOS. Blocky Racing is a new cart racer that puts players behind the wheel of a blocky racing cart as they race around the track in an effort to get ahead of their opponents.

Like other cart racers, Blocky Racing has speed pads, power ups, and weapons to help players get ahead. Unlike other racers, the carts in this game destructable, and every hit you take will knock a few blocks off of your cart. Luckily there are health pads around the track that will repair your vehicle.

Blocky Racing features a selection of different vehicles to unlock using currency earned in the game. The game’s vehicles are also all upgradeable.

Blocky Racing is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Race in over 50 unique race tracks in different themes and hidden shortcuts / obstacles

Unlock 16 racers (Snowmobile, Dune Buggy, Rubber Ducky, etc) with different strengths and weaknesses traits

Damage system that affect race performance and break the vehicle apart block by block

Upgrade vehicle stats to increase performance and survivability to win race

Connect Facebook to compare race progress and leaderboard with friends

Interested? Check out the wacky racing game on Google Play.

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