Capcom’s Black Command Coming This Fall

Black Command

Capcom has opened up pre-registration for its upcoming military simulation game Black Command. The game looks to create an authentic military tactics game for mobile devices, focusing more on strategy and realistic equipment and less on graphics.

Black Command has players form their very own private military company (PMC) and run different missions in search of profits. To accomplish their goals players will need to recruit mercenaries, equip them with new equipment, form squads, and plan out different missions.

The game is looking to appeal to military and modern weaponry fans and has enlisted the help of a major Japanese military enthusiast community to ensure the accuracy of the items featured in the game.

In its pursuit of serious military authenticity, the game has opted for very utilitarian graphics. It does away with watching characters shoot it out and instead gives players a birds-eye view of the action with markers signifying characters, offering what Capcom calls a satellite view tactical map.

As part of the game’s pre-registration campaign, players will receive in-game items and characters based on the total number of users that sign up. The rewards include gold, gun skins, weapons, armor plates, and more.

Despite being an iconic video game developer and publisher thanks to franchises like Street Fight and Resident Evil, Capcom has not had much success on mobile outside of its native Japan. The company’s catalog in the West is currently comprised almost exclusively of ports of some of their classic titles, with Street Fighter IV Championship Edition being one of the few mobile exclusive games. Earlier this year Capcom shut down its a major new foray into free to play gaming, Puzzle Fighter, less than a year of its launch.

Capcom’s mobile efforts in Japan have played out differently, with Japanese users having access to a number of made for mobile Monster Hunter games as well as a few original IPs. Despite the popularity of the Monster Hunter franchise in Japan, Capcom’s two top grossing games on Google Play in Japan, currently at #196 and #198, are both casual Snoopy titles.

Black Command will be free and contain in app purchases. It is expected to launch on September 28th, 2018.

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