BBTAN2 Is the Sequel to the Incredibly Popular Brick Breaker BBTAN


Prolific publisher 111% has release the sequel to the incredibly popular brick smashing arcade game BBTAN. As with the original BBTAN and numerous games that have come out since, BBTAN2 features bricks with numbers corresponding to the number of hits it takes to break each one. Players need to smash bricks and free the BB-Boys trapped inside in order to clear the game’s levels. BBTAN2 promises users over 300 levels to play through, skills, power ups, different level types, and even some social elements.

111% is known for releasing a wide variety of simple free arcade style games. Their recent releases include Alpha-Beta, the samurai game Karl2, and tower defense game TO:WAR. Some of their most popular games include Turretz, and the brick breaker BBTAN.

BBTAN2 is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

● Enjoy cool graphics and sound with brick-breaking!
● Many many special stages!!
● Clear hidden stages and get cool costumes
● Be brave and destroy bad bad bricks!
● Hero’s killer move! Colorful skill balls&items will help you!
● Various adventures set for each road
● Compete with your friends
● Get your daily gifts for your journey
● New stages update coming soon
● Save your play on cloud

Interested? Check out the brick breaker on Google Play.

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