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Battlevoid: Sector Siege Now Available on Android

Bug Byte has launched the latest game in their Battlevoid strategy game series. Battlevoid: Sector Siege is a real-time strategy game in which players take control of a fleet of space ships as they try to destroy their opponents. The game promises randomized elements that help make each playthrough feel unique, cross-platform play, unit customization, and more. Given the nature of strategy games, playing previous games in the Battlevoid series is not a requirement for understanding or enjoying Sector Siege.

Last week the folks at Bug Byte called on fans of the Battlevoid series to rally around their game when it launches. They believe that a launch surge will help them get featured on Google Play, iOS and Steam and achieve a level of exposure that they have thus far been unable to get in a sea of free to play games. Bug Byte unfortunately has had the misfortune of launching their game just hours after Nintendo unveiled the upcoming Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a game that will almost certainly dominate mobile gaming coverage. Premium Android games often have disappointing sales numbers, particularly when they don’t get enough media coverage or are not featured, despite often offering a better experience than free titles.

Battlevoid: Sector Siege is $4.99 on Android and iOS, and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and an official trailer with more information:

Key Features:

[*] Seamless cross-platform game play
[*] Explore new procedurally generated sector maps every playthrough
[*] Superb customization of each unit you build
[*] Board enemy ships; and build copies of them
[*] Randomly generated events

Interested? Check out Battlevoid: Sector Siege on Google Play

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