Battlevoid: Sector Siege Is Coming out Next Week

Battlevoid: Sector Siege

Developer Bug Byte is calling on fans of their Battlevoid series to help get their upcoming game as much visibility as possible. The latest game in the series, Battlevoid: Sector Siege is a real-time strategy game in which players take control of a fleet of space ships as they try to destroy their opponents. The game promises randomized elements that help make each playthrough feel unique, cross-platform play, unit customization, and more. Sector Siege has a release date of October 25th and will be available on Android, iOS and Steam.

In a post on their official forum, the developer has expressed worries about the lack of attention that the game has received prior to launch as well as the game’s chances of being featured on any of the platforms it will launch on. Because of this, they are trying to rally their fans in order to help Battlevoid: Sector Siege have a successful launch day. Bug Byte believes that a strong launch will help the game be featured, get new fans, and generate interest from influencers and the media.

During our whole game development career we have struggled to get visibility for our games. This is a problem many game developers face, it is extremely hard to to get noticed. Once again we have sent out a ton of press releases with Steam keys to various web sites and Youtubers, hoping for someone to pick it up and give the game a try. Getting featured on Apple or Google is equally as hard, if not harder. The big game studios and notable games get featured over and over again. Not to bash Apple or Google here, it’s easy to understand, these big games make the most money. It makes sense. Unfortunately the same goes for F2P vs premium, taking a look at featured games shows how the ratio is skewed towards F2P games.

…Trying our best to ensure the game would be in a bug free state left us with very little time to market the game We were probably out too late… Our game release clashing with Halloween sales and featuring, where big studios and games will capture all the spots is probably going to make things that much harder for us.

It is definitely true that free to play games tend to dominate the featured games lists on Google Play. The current Canadian “New + Updated Games”feature is made up of 3 premium games and 52 free titles. Free to play games also represent the overwhelming majority of the top grossing games on Google Play, often as many as 199 of the top 200, depending on the market. For those wondering, Minecraft is the one premium title that is consistently among the highest grossing games on Google Play.

Battlevoid: Sector Siege has a release date of October 25th, 2017 on Android, iOS, and PC via Steam. It will be priced at $4.99 on mobile platforms, and $9.99 on Steam. The steam version will have an initial 20% discount. If you have not played previous games in the series, Battlevoid: Harbinger is available on Google Play for $0.99.

Note: Not all games are available in all countries. Discounts and prices may vary by region. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in USD.
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