Superhero RPG BattleHand Heroes Now Available Worldwide

BattleHand Heroes

Some games take themselves seriously, providing players with gritty graphics and gameplay that leaves them at the edge of their seat as they nervously try not to screw up the end of a boss fight. BattleHand Heroes goes in a different direction. The new turn based RPG brings lots of bright colors, a lighthearted atmosphere as players use their team of outlandish superheroes to battle the forces of evil.

Players are tasked with saving Silver City from destruction and chaos by defeating waves of bad guys. That means forming a super team filled with super heroes with super powers. In practice it mostly involves activating a hero’s ability by playing a particular card.

The game’s atmosphere is light throughout, with over the top abilities that involve tossing cars, hitting the bad guys with stop signs, and generally using whatever weapons and abilities that the heroes have at their disposal. As one might expect, the game’s abilities need to be collected and upgraded. That means plenty of opportunities for in app purchases. The core of the game is its campaign mode, but it also gives players several other gameplay options including a little PVP.

Prior to today’s global launch, the game was available in several regions as part of its soft launch phase.

BattleHand Heroes is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Take Mr. Sunshine and his incredible powers and build a team of Heroes known as The Sentinels to take back the city from evil.

From Kitty Karma to Cloud-9, rally a team of Heroes and save the world in this hero-based collectible card game!

Join a Global Alliance, battle in the Silver City Stadium, climb your way through Titan Tower, and take on challenges from the Helipad.

Battlehand Heroes is an all new adventure, with AAA graphics, hilarious animations, and the ability to be just a little more super than you are in normal life.

Interested? Check out the new RPG on Google Play.

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