Sci-Fi Hero Collection Game “Battle Team” Now Available

Battle Team gameplay
Fighting outside of the Manitoba Islamic Center

Visual Cube’s Battle Team is a new turn-based RPG with gacha hero collection that has begun its worldwide launch after a short soft launch period. While RPGs, particularly gacha games, tend to stick toe the fantasy genre or use existing IPs, Battle Team opted for a sci-fi setting. So players can expect guns, robots, aliens, and more to go along with the usual hero collection. Though it promises over 300 heroes to collect, that number includes elemental variants of each hero. The number of unique heroes is well under 100.

In Battle Team, players set up their team layout before each battle, with some characters receiving bonuses from their teammates based on their position. Combat itself is turn-based and players get to choose which skills to use and which enemy their hero will target. As with most gacha games, this game also features a stamina/energy system, auto play, and a number of different game modes to play through. Though unlike many games in the genre, Battle Team has a heavy emphasis on collecting materials from missions and then using those materials to craft goods. Players can craft a wide range of items, including items that let them summon new heroes. The game also features a research tree that allows players to use their resources to boost certain abilities like crafting speed or cost of upgrading units.

Battle Team is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a trailer and an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description with more information:

■ Personality strong Nova and fun of strategy! Complete the ultimate team!
More than 300 heroes with various abilities!
Prepare for strategic battle using combinations and deployments!

■ Unlimited! interesting! Enjoy various modes!
Campaign: The exciting story of the battle team!
Operation support: Send support to the occupied planet and acquire loot!
The dimension Gap: Let’s grow and promote Nova
Illusion Arena: Make the ultimate team in PVP and prove you are the best.
Story mode A mode that lets you know the unique story of each Nova!
Infinite Tower: Only those who challenge the limits can win rewards! Challenge!

Interested? Check out the game on Google Play.

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