Battle of Arrow Tips & Tricks To Get You Started

Battle of Arrow

These Battle of Arrow tips are intended to help new players get up to speed with 4:33’s new horse archery game.

Battle of Arrow weapons

Battle of Arrow features 6 different weapon classes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Bow: Medium damage, medium reload speed, medium zoom speed
  • Shortbow: Low damage, fast reload speed, medium zoom speed
  • Longbow: High damage, High zoom, slow reload speed, slow zoom speed


  • Hand Crossbow: 2 medium damage shots per reload, slow reload, high zoom speed
  • Crossbow: High damage, slow zoom speed, medium reload
  • Repeating Crossbow: 4 low damage shots per reload, medium zoom speed, very slow reload speed

Bows are more difficult to use because they require players to zoom by pulling back a virtual lever and hold it it while aiming. Bows also can’t stay zoomed indefinitely while crossbows can. On the other hand bows reload faster, zoom faster, and allow players to shoot before fully zoomed. Shooting before fully zoomed will do less damage, but it will still count towards cancelling a boss’ special attack. Shooting while not fully zoomed is also a good strategy in Battle of Arrow arena fights where your opponent only has a tiny bit of his life or shield left. That’s because there’s no difference between doing 400 points of damage or 100 points of damage to a player that has 50 shield points left.

Boss raids

Battle of Arrow boss raids are available for fifteen minutes at the beginning of every hour. That means that from X:00 to X:15 players can team up with 3 other riders and take on some of the game’s bosses.

  • Up to 10 boss raids can be done per day
  • New boss raids are unlocked based your arena rank
  • The first few bosses are weak enough for you to ignore their skills and focus on damage
  • Cancelling skills becomes extremely important later on
  • You don’t need to fully charge your bow if you’re trying to cancel a boss attack
  • Raids give experience points
  • Every boss has crushable parts that can be destroyed, and one of their crushable parts will reveal its weak point (red glowing part)
  • Weak point locations can be under any of the crushable parts
  • Battle of Arrow tips & information: gear

    Equipment in Battle of Arrow can be powered up in two ways, enhancement (level up) and rank up (increase rarity). Enhancement requires items in the same category as the item you want to enhance to be used. These items will be destroyed as part of the enhancement process. Please note that weapons from one class cannot be used to enhance a different weapon type, ie a hand crossbow cannot be enhanced using a normal crossbow. Enhancing a piece of equipment will increase its base stat (HP, Shield, etc.). Ranking up equipment will require a number of equipment pieces of the same rarity as well as upgrade materials of a suitable grade. For example upgrading a common helmet to an uncommon will require 1 common piece of armor, 5 scraps of leather, and 5 iron dust. The number of equipment needed for each upgrade will increase as the rarity of the item goes up. Increasing a piece’s rarity will increase its base stat as well as any additional bonuses that piece gives.

    • Upgrade materials like leather, metal, and bowstrings are found in chests and the shop.
    • You can use upgrade your materials at a rate of 5:1, so common per uncommon
    • Materials can also be downloaded at a rate of 1:3
    • You can tap the max button to look at what a piece of equipment will look like when it’s at max rarity and level. This is particularly useful when comparing gear.
    • HP values on items may be higher, but don’t forget that your weak point won’t be exposed while your shield is up
    • There are a number of item abilities that are only useful against monsters / raid bosses, so consider having a separate set of gear for PvE

    Arena and other Battle of Arrow tips

    • Don’t bother shooting your opponent’s horse, it does very little damage
    • After an opponent’s shield is down, you’ll start seeing weak point, hitting it does double damage
    • If you hit an opponent in a location other than his weak point or head, that locations becomes the new weak point
    • Your shield will absorb 100% of a hit’s damage, even if you only have 1 point left on the shield
    • As soon as you start the game, check out the “combat log” (accessed by opening the menu on the left side of the screen), it’s a series of quests that rewards users with gold ingots upon completion. Please note that the quests need to be started in the combat log before you can receive completion credit.
    • Single player adventure missions give gold ingots after you first complete them, and no rewards after that
    • As with Mafia Revenge, players in Battle of Arrow can reset their talents for free
    • You can choose to hide costume items by tapping on the eye icon next to the piece of costume gear you want to hide. This does not impact your stats.

    Hopefully these Battle of Arrow tips & tricks will help you get the most out of the game.