Pre-Registration for Horseback Archery Game “Battle of Arrow” Now Open

Battle of Arrow

4:33 Creative Lab (FourThirtyThree Inc.) has opened up pre-registration for its upcoming horse-archery game Battle of Arrow. Players will mount up and ride against their opponents in 1 on 1 player versus player duels, the game’s single player mode, or the game’s boss raids. The game promises to offer skill trees customization, upgradeable gear, and the ability to customize characters to suit your playstyle. The game will feature tilt controls for aiming and firing.

If any of this seems familiar it might be because it shares a lot of features with 4:33’s previous game, Mafia Revenge. Mafia Revenge had players get into gun fights as they were driven around in their customized vehicle. The major difference here is that Mafia Revenge obviously had a different setting. It also did not use tilt controls.

Battle of Arrow is expected to be free and feature in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description with more information:

– From long bows to short bows to double crossbows, master every weapon & its unique characteristic to your advantage!
– Choose your favorite items & upgrade your skills around your best weapon and your favorite style of gameplay
– Customize your own skill trees for skill shots that best suit your style of combat
– Are you willing to take risks to go for critical headshots? Or are you going to go for multiple body shots?
– Enjoy single play scenario action to level up your character
– Form an action squad with your friends to defeat raid bosses to loot special items including costumes and rides that empower you with extra stat!
– Upgrade your weapons, body armors to domintate in your 1-on-1 duels & raid boss battles.
– Test your archery skills & aim to accomplish optional objectives to win even more rewards!

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