4:33 Begins Pre-Registration for Strategy Game Battle Boom

Battle Boom

FourFourtyThree, the publisher behind Battle of Arrow, Monster Super League and Mafia Revenge, has a few upcoming games, and gamers can now pre-register for one of them. Battle Boom is a military themed strategy game that has players summon units as they try to take down their enemy’s base.

The units available in Battle Boom range from ordinary soldiers to Team Fortress 2 style pyros, snipers, and a number of different vehicles. All of these units can be powered up using the game’s Clash Royale style loot crate and card leveling combination.

If that sounds familiar, it is a similar concept as recent strategy games Might Battles and Mini Guns. While Mighty Battles added a shooting element, and Mini Guns had three lanes, Battle Boom takes a more direct approach. The battle in Battle Boom takes place in a single wide lane which can make for some crowded battles like those seen in the trailer below.

Battle Boom will be free and it will contain in app purchases when it launches. It is expected to launch some time in March 2018. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Global real-time strategy battle!
  • Enjoy the vast and panoramic battlefield and adapt your strategy.
  • Bring on the BOOM with over 70+ units and weapons at your disposal!
  • Join forces with your Legion members and battle your way to the top of the world!
  • Enjoy the face melting graphics!
  • Limitless strategy to blow up your enemies with the use of tanks or unit-producing buildings.
  • *Disclaimer: BOOM is not an addiction, it’s a necessity!

Interested? Check out the strategy game on Google Play.

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