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Basketball Coach RPG: Swipe Left to Not Get Fired

Just in time for the tip-off of the new NBA season, developer Either or Games (EOG) has released Basketball Coach RPG. This is a game that firmly falls in to the Reigns-like category, with players making decisions by swiping left or right on a variety of event cards. Swiping lets gamers decide how their team is run and builds (or breaks down) relationships with other staff, family, acquaintances and even the family dog.

As users play the game they will be confronted with basketball-related choices like what they should focus on in practice. They will also be given choices that have nothing to do with basketball, like whether they should buy a new car, or complain when their bank manager raises banking fees. There are also plenty of organizational choices that have little to do with coaching, such as making decisions on the team facilities and public relations. All (or most) of these choices will have either a positive or negative impact on your relationship with certain parties. The impact is usually quite predictable, if you tell your wife that her mother shouldn’t come over to visit, your relationship will predictably worsen.

Basketball Coach RPG gameplay
Some of the devastating news you can receive in Basketball Coach RPG

Ultimately all of the game’s choices help determine the outcome. If you make certain factions angry, they will have you fired, or worse. Basketball Coach RPG is free and contains ads.

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