Bait! Under the Surface is an upcoming AR Fishing Game

Bait! Under the Surface

Not all augmented reality titles need to have players collecting pocket monsters, capturing ghosts, or wrangling creatures that should be extinct. Bait! Under the Surface will let players capture a variety of virtual fish that have been living underneath the surface of your home, the park, or anywhere they want to look for fish.

Bait! Under The Surface will be available to users with phones that are compatible with Google ARCore. Right now ARCore compatible phones primarily consist of Google’s Pixel phones and newer Samsung Galaxy S devices. Gamers with older devices will have to sit this one out.

Resolution Games is a Sweden based studio that has released a number of Daydream enabled virtual reality titles on Android. The company is responsible for the VR pirate experience Narrows, VR fishing game Bait!, and the VR theme park experience Wonderglade.

Bait! Under the Surface is scheduled to be released later this year. There has been no announcement regarding the game’s price. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and the debut trailer with a look at the game:

Bait! Under the Surface will take the series’ gameplay into fresh waters once more, giving players the ability to create a fishing hole right in their living room floor, while having the collections and character development that the series is known for.

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