Azur Lane Expanding To Europe This Week

Azur Lane gameplay English

Gamers in Europe will soon have access to gacha game Azur Lane as it expands to the continent.

The English version of Azur Lane is already available in North America and Southeast Asia, offering gamers a chance to collect numerous anime-style battleship inspired characters. Players build their fleet of anime girl battleships and go into battle against the forces that have taken over the oceans of Earth.

The European launch is set for September 6th, 2018 at 1:00 AM PDT. Prior to the game’s launch players who wanted to try out the English version of the game were limited to downloading the game’s APK from third party sites or using a VPN to change their Google Play country.

Gamers in Europe will be able to play the game on one of three servers Avrora, Lexington, and a brand new server that has yet to be named. The Lexington server accompanied the launch of Azur Lane’s Southeast Asian expansion in late August.

The English version of the hero collection shoot ’em up has not proven to be extremely popular, only now surpassing 100,000 total downloads on Android and iOS. However, it has proven to have resonated with some users, and currently ranks at #110 among Google Play’s top grossing games in the United States. It is also among the top 100 in a number of Southeast Asian regions.

Azur Lane is free and contains in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a look at the mobile SHMUP:

Interested? Check out the hero collection game on Google Play.

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