“Ayo: A Rain Tale” Lands on Android

Ayo: A Rain Tail

Games are most often a way for players to go from the real world into an alternate reality, whether that reality involves fighting off enemies, trying to create a video game empire, or just trying to focus on stopping a ball from falling off of the edge. While most games are an escape from reality, there are some games that put the focus real world issues from the environment to the Syrian refugee crisis. Inkline’s Ayo: A Rain Tale is one of those games.

Originally released on PC last year, Ayo tells the story of a girl on her way to retrieve water for her family. While the journey in Ayo involves a lot of fantastical elements, the game servers as a reminder that there are still places in this world without access to basic necessities like clean drinking water.

While a social message is nice, it does not make for a game on its own. Beyond its message, Ayo: A Rain Tale is a platformer with puzzle elements. Players will need to travel through the Sub-Saharan landscape and avoid dangerous obstacles and enemies along the way. As previously mentioned, while the message the game is sending is real, the gameplay is not quite as grounded in reality. Players will need to run along branches and platforms as they collapse, avoid columns of fire, and deal with the game’s more mystical elements in order to advance.

Ayo: A Rain Tale is $2.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and a trailer with more information:

Ayo: A Rain Tale sheds the light on a young girl who regularly carries her tough water-fetching duty with courage. Ayo’s perilous struggle is shared by many girls in Sub-Saharan Africa who live in communities that have no access to clean water. The daily burden of fetching water is carried by women and children – who go on journeys to distant sources and return home shouldering 40-pound containers filled with water for their families.

Interested? Check out the platformer on Google Play.

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