Mobile MMORPG Aura Kingdom Has Launched Worldwide

Aura Kingdom

After its pre-registration campaign, Aura Kingdom has launched worldwide. The new mobile MMORPG is based on the PC MMORPG with the same name. The game gives players the ability to engage in a whole slew of PVP and PVE activities from duels and quests to treasure hunts and raids. As players level up in the game they gain access to new modes and activities including mining, fishing, the ability to climb the sky tower, and engage in PVP matches. There are also guild oriented activities like guild vs guild matches and PVE content.

Gamers starting out should make sure to choose the right server for them before creating their character from the game’s 8 available classes. Aura Kingdom has North American, European, and SEA servers for users to choose from.

Aura Kingdom is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Easy to manipulate: designed to be easy for everyone to pick up.
  • Summon over 100 heroes called Eidolons to assemble your ultimate troop, and save the world from eternal darkness. Also, you will find the interaction with them makes your day.
  • Sky tower 100 levels: Real-time battles with those fearsome guardian bosses in Sky Tower. Team-up with guild members and win incredible rewards in return.
  • Exciting Battles to challenge: 1 vs 1 arena, Tag Team Tournament, Raid Instances, GVG Tournament Duels and various PVE trial instances.
  • Multiple fun for character stats boost: Envoy’s Path for passive skill abilities, Mounts Refinement, Eidolon Collection, Card Collection and Card Battles.

Interested? Check out the new RPG on Google Play.

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