Mobile Version of Aura Kingdom Getting Global Release

Aura Kingdom

X-Legend is releasing a global version of Aura Kingdom on Android and iOS, and pre-registration is now available. This mobile adaptation of the PC MMORPG gives users a number of classes to choose, from wizards and sorcerers to gunslingers and guardians.

The game will feature a multitude of modes including 1 vs 1 PVP, 10 player raids, instanced dungeons, and some guild vs guild content. Part of the reason for the game’s success on other platforms and other regions has been its cosmetic customization options. Players aren’t stuck looking just like everyone else, the game offers multiple clothing styles to make every character look unique (or at least slightly different).

Players can pre-register on Google Play and the game’s official website. Pre-registration rewards will be based on event participation:

  • 500 Envoys: Gold Egg x 3
  • 1000 Envoys: 100 Gems
  • 2000 Envoys: 200 Gems
  • 5000 Envoys: An exclusive title, Beater
  • 10000 Envoys: Pink Feather Hair Clip
  • 20000 Envoys: Spirit of Shirayuki x 10

Aura Kingdom will be free and contain in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a cinematic trailer with more information:


  • Summon over 100 heroes called Eidolons to assemble your ultimate troop, and save the world from eternal darkness. Also, you will find the interaction with them makes your day.
  • Sky tower 100 levels: Real-time battles with those fearsome guardian bosses in Sky Tower. Team-up with guild members and win incredible rewards in return.
  • Hundreds of gorgeous outfits and styles to choose from. Japanese style, Western fantasy, sportswear and daily fashion keeps players up with new trends. Costume Archive system offers players not only excitement but also a way to enhance power.
  • Multiple fun for character stats boost: Envoy’s Path for passive skill abilities, Mounts Refinement, Eidolon Collection, Card Collection and Card Battles.
  • Other interesting features like Fishing, Cooking, Mining and Treasure Hunt and more!

Interested? Check out the upcoming online RPG on Google Play.

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