“Atlas Sentry” Is a New Turret Shooter

Atlast Sentry

Developer NE Studio has released Atlas Sentry, a new space turret shooter. Players operate a turret and shoot down anything and everything that comes within range of their weapons. The game features multiple game modes as well as leaderboards.

Atlas Sentry features two modes, a level select mode featuring 20 stages to play through leading up to a final boss fight and an endless arcade mode that will test players’ durability. The turret is upgradeable with a variety of different weapon types and other upgrades to help players take down their enemies.

Atlas Sentry is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Atlas Sentry is a game of destroy everything. Using your turret, simply swivel and shoot your way to victory, upgrading your weapons to unleash destruction on the variety of spaceships. The bigger your combo’s the more score you get! Earn silver as you play and then purchase new weapons and abilities to better deal with your enemy. Different enemies use different tactics and weapons, work out your own priorities in their destruction order.

Interested? Check out the space themed shooter on Google Play.

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