Multiplayer Shooter Armajet Early Access Program Now Open To Public


Multiplayer shooter Armajet early access is now open to all Android users as it becomes available on Google Play. Long in production, developer Super Bit Machine’s shooter previously had invite-only alpha and beta test phases.

Reminiscent of titles like EOS Game Studios’ Crash Commando, the early access shooter promises gamers fast paced action as they run, shoot, and fly across 2D maps while blasting each other to bits. The game will support multiple weapon loadouts, spectating, and offer players a wide range of weapons.

Armajet focuses on mobility and quick action as players have access to a jet pack that lets them quickly traverse the game’s compact levels. The jetpack also means that players need to be mindful of their surroundings, as there’s no telling when an enemy will try to get behind them for a sneak attack.

The game is aiming to capture core gamers, promising such features as 120 FPS support on compatible devices, cross-platform play between mobile and PC users, and a focus on competitive play.

Capturing the multiplayer shooter audience may be much more difficult than it was when Armajet’s development first began. Armajet now finds itself competing with the likes of battle-royale shooters PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival while also dealing with more traditional shooters like the upcoming Shadowgun War Games.

Taking the 2D route will help differentiate the game from most of its competitors, but similar titles like Mayhem have not had a lot of success on Android despite offering a different type of multiplayer shooter experience.

Armajet is free to play and will contain in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a look at some of the game’s fast paced action:

Interested? Check out the early-access game on Google Play.

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