ArcheAge Begins Shutting Down Later This Year

ArcheAge Begins shutting down

Gamevil has announced that they will soon be shutting down ArcheAge Begins, a mobile hero collection game inspired by the ArcheAge MMORPG and novels.

ArcheAge Begins was originally released on Android and iOS in October 2017. Banking on the recognition of the PC MMORPG, Begins was a hero collection game without much control over combat. The game failed to resonate with gamers, earning it a 4.0 star rating (up considerably since launch), with many complaining that the game did not have much to offer and catered too much to users that spend money on the game. Android Sloth’s review of ArcheAge Begins called the game a “shallow gacha experience”.

In app purchases have already been disabled, and the game will be removed from Google Play on July 9th. On August 9h, 2018, the game’s servers will be shut down. Fans of the game will be given the chance to play the game’s latest update, released alongside the news of the game’s closure.

Players who have unspent “purchased gems” will be able to request a refund between August 9th and September 8th. For more details on the refund procedure, see the official service closure announcement.

ArcheAge Begins is the latest in an increasingly long line of free to play games that have failed to last more than a year. It joins the likes of Capcom’s Puzzle Fighter, Square Enix’s King’s Knight, and Gamevil’s own strategy RPG War of Crown.

Here’s a look at the game that will soon be shut down:

Still want to try it out? Check out the soon to be shut down RPG on Google Play.

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