Music Game Arcaea Gets More Songs in Latest Update

Arcaea Gameplay

Developer Lowiro has released update 1.7 for rhythm game Arcaea, adding new songs and features.

As far as new songs go, the notable addition in version 1.7 is the Luminous Sky pack. The pack continues the story of Hikari and contains 5 new songs for players to tap along to. This is a premium pack and can be purchased for $5 through the game’s in app purchases. There are also three free songs included in the update.

In addition to the new songs the update has brought a few new features to the game’s World Mode. Players will now be able to play through the mode’s first chapter at a faster pace with a few additional tweaks. The game’s steps will now sometimes require a users to play a specific or random song. Players will also be able to expand their in-game friends list.

Arcaea is a free to play rhythm game that has a traditional rhythm game interface with a small twist. While players listen to the game’s electronic soundtrack and try to tap along to the music as notes quickly descend towards the bottom of the screen, the game adds a 3 dimensional ‘Arc’ system that has players swipe along with the rhythm of each song in designated sections. Arcaea’s twist on the standard rhythm game formula as well as its smooth gameplay helped land it on Android Sloth’s list of the best Android music games.

The game tells the story of Hikari and Tairitsu as they explore the world of memories. Arcaea has multiple difficulty settings and can be extremely challenging when the difficulty ramps up. The game contains a significant number of free songs as well paid content that is unlocked via in app purchases and cannot be acquired through normal play.

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