Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Information

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

This is what Nintendo has revealed about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, previously known as Animal Crossing Mobile, so far based on the recent Nintendo Direct and the game’s official website (linked at the bottom the article):

  • It will be called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.
  • The release date is sometime in late November.
  • It will be free and feature in app purchases.
  • It will not be playable offline.

Is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp like other AC games?

No. Players in Pocket Camp are put in charge of decorating a camp site, and not a home in a village. Although players will have a vehicle that they can decorate and fill with furniture, it does not quite have the same amount of space as the homes in previous Animal Crossing games. Animal friends will come visit your camp site and hang out if you have met certain requirements.

What can players do?

Players can customize their camp site, their vehicle, and themselves. They can fish, catch bugs, and gather fruit. Players will be able to visit shops to buy various items from boots to furniture, and even visit their friend’s camps.

How much stuff is there to collect?

There will be 199 pieces of furniture, 163 pieces of clothing, 13 amenities, and an unknown number of “special” items. It is unclear if these amounts include seasonal items, but they are expected to expand over time as the game gets new patches and updates.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp gameplay
The amenities in Pocket Camp can become cornerstones to build around.

Will Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp be free, and if so, will it be pay to win?

Yes, Pocket Camp will be free to play. It will have a premium currency called leaf tickets. These tickets can be earned through in game actions such as daily goals and achievements, and players can buy them through in app purchases using real money. Leaf tickets can be used to, effectively, buy basic currency (bells), make up for shortfalls when crafting items, and instantly eliminate timers. Given that there is no “winning” in Animal Crossing, it’s a bit of a stretch to call this game pay to win.

Pocket Camp has crafting?

Yes, players in Pocket Camp will need to gather ingredients to craft furniture and camp amenities. Though they themselves will only be putting in orders for items to be crafted. Many of these materials will be acquired by completing tasks for some of the Animal campers. These tasks might be catching a particular butterfly, gathering apples, or something similar.

Pocket Camp has timers?

Yes, the game will have cooldown timers on certain activities like shaking apple trees (3 hour cooldown per tree based on the initial reveal). It will also have build timers for amenities and certain furniture items, with the pool amenity having a crafting timer of 72 hours.

Does Pocket Camp have multiplayer?

Nintendo has not shown any multiplayer options. They have shown that players will be able to interact with each other, just not in real time. You will be able to add friends and visit their camps, or meet strangers along the way and give them kudos for having a great vehicle or campsite. You will also be able to buy certain things like insects from other players. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp uses Friend ID codes but, based on the reveal, it will also have optional Facebook integration.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp multiplayer

Do things in this game happen in real time?

Yes, like previous AC games, this game clock is synced with the real world. The game will also have seasonal in-game events.

When does the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp come out?

As of right now, the release date will be some time in late November. However, the game has begun its soft launch in Australia, so Australian users can download the game now.

What platforms will Pocket Camp be on?

Android devices running Android 4.2 or newer, though “some devices may not be compatible”. iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or newer.

Interested in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Check out the official website, or pre-register on Google Play:

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