List of Android Games With Open Pre-Registration

Android game pre-registration

There are always new games on the horizon, and pre-registration is becoming increasingly popular. It lets gamers get an email or notification when a game they’re waiting for launches, and it helps developers get more people to try out their game as soon as it launches. Moreover, many games offer rewards for people that pre-register, usually in the form of some premium currency, an exclusive character skin, or some items to help give users who pre-register a head start.

Pre-registration is not the same as an Android game pre-order. Users who pre-register for a game are under no obligation to download or buy a game when it launches. Those that register for Google Play will simply receive a notification when the game launches.

This list is a compilation of all of the games that currently have open pre-registration on Android, either through Google Play, their official website, or both. Some of these games also have the option for iOS users on their official website. Games that advertise a bonus for registering are highlighted, though some games only offer a bonus if you pre-register through their website.

Please note that some of these games may have already started their soft launch rollout in certain countries. Google Play links were only added for those games that have an active pre-registration option. Pre-registration rewards are typically either delivered automatically in game, or through a code sent to users via email shortly after a game’s global launch. Pre-registration rewards are subject to change, and some of the games on this list may add rewards in the future.

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