Android Game Not Responding to Touchscreen Gestures?

Not responding to touch

Do some of your games fail to register when you tap on the screen? Or work just fine sometimes, but completely ignore touchscreen contact at other times? Well there’s a good chance it’s caused by a simple bug or compatibility issue. You might be in luck because this issue doesn’t require any new apps, reinstalling your game, or anything complicated.

There are a number of games, particularly new games, that don’t play nice with screen filter apps. When a screen filter app like Twilight or Bluelight Filter are running and change your display, some games will completely disregard your touchscreen input. This issue has been encountered in games like Puzzle Fighter, Mafia Revenge, Phantom Chaser, and many others.

Phantom Chaser filter
Phantom Chaser works just fine when Twilight is disabled (left), but stops responding to taps when Twilight is enabled (right).


The solution is simple. Turn off your screen filter and see if the game becomes interactive again. You shouldn’t even need to restart your game. If it starts working, send a bug report to the game’s developer explaining the issue and chances are they’ll fix it. While developers do a lot of tests to make sure everything works, sometimes things slip through the cracks, and screen filter issue is something developers might not test for.

Screen filters have become increasingly popular in the past few years as consumers have become more conscious of the impact that their mobile device usage plays in their ability to get a good night’s sleep. The typically promise to reduce blue-light emitted by your smartphone screen by applying a filter that increases the screen’s color temperature. The visual effect is usually a yellow-red filter that makes night reading or device usage a lot more pleasant. Some of these filters can be automatically programmed to go into “night mode”, enabling the filter after sunset while leaving the screen in its natural state during the day. iOS has Night Shift Mode, which works in a similar way as other filtering options.